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From: Jim R. Legington
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If you're wanting (or needing) to simplify your own webmastering chores, generate a TON of new subscribers, and create loyalty among your current customers - then here's a refreshing new idea for you, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

In fact, you can get WEBTOOL WIZARDS in a couple of minutes absolutely FREE.

Got a website that needs a facelift?

Need an incentive that will pull in crowds of new ezine subscribers

Need to add a powerful bonus to your new product package - and watch sales shoot through the roof?

Then here are 9 dynamic tools that can make those things happen. (notice this is not a luke warm collection of outdated pop-up generators and useless Java scripts.)

  • #1 - Dynamic Webpage Button WIZARD - Create attention grabbing webpage buttons with dozens of options and combinations for size, fonts, auto-embedded URL, color, and mouse-over properties.

  • #2 - Webpage Color WIZARD - Do outstanding custom webpage color layouts in a jiffy using this point & click 216-color pallette that renders both RGB and hexadecimal values. Also converts known hex values to RGB and vice-versa. Doubles as a cool color-therapy stress reliever   ;~)

  • #3 - Keyword WIZARD - Instantly generate hundreds of keyword/keyphrase variations with a single mouse click and minimum "brain-storming." Keyword marketing on pay-per-click engines is the quickest way to get pre-qualified traffic - and this WIZARD is the quickest way to get a great list of hot keywords and phrases.

  • #4 - HTML Encrypt WIZARD - Instantly encrypt any webpage or portion of a webpage into browser friendly code. Stop others from ripping off your hard work! Hide your webpage email addresses from SPAM harvesters and give your flooded inbox a break.

  • #5 - Meta Tag WIZARD - I built this application for my own use, so it's one of the most fully-optioned meta tag generators available. Many smaller search engines still index by meta tags, and top rankings in those engines are easier to get. Don't miss out on this residual traffic.

  • #6 - URL Hide WIZARD - Are you tired of people who mouse-over your affiliate links - copy them from the status bar - and then cheat you out of your commissions? It won't happen anymore! This WIZARD quickly cloaks your links and puts any text you want in the visitor's own status bar. See if your profits won't increase with this one.

  • #7 - Content Syndication WIZARD - Use this software to syndicate articles, ads, or any other content from your website. Your friends and subscribers can add a simple one-line code to THEIR websites to feature YOUR content. Easy to change the content too - you could even syndicate an entire weekly newsletter!

  • #8 - Split Test WIZARD - Split testing is where you develop several different sales letters for a single product, and then see which one sells the best. This WIZARD makes it so simple by creating the rotation script for any number of test pages you want to try out.

  • #9 - FAQs Page WIZARD - Website visitor's want to have their questions answered on the spot - and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page not only saves you a lot of time answering questions by email - it can make the difference between money in the bank or another lost sale! If you're not using FAQs pages - you really should be.

All 9 of these WIZARDS are professional grade marketing and webmastering tools that you can actually put to use. We dare you to try keeping these tools in some out of the way folder. You'll be going back to them again and again.

Whether you need to tweak your website, secure your links from cyber thieves, or get a current list of the most popular search engine keywords - you'll have the tools you need right at your fingertips.

But all together in one package - these WIZARDS become . . .


And here are just a few ways you can use WEBTOOL WIZARDS to improve your existing online business, or even kick-start a brand new one!

  • offer WEBTOOL WIZARDS as an incentive for new ezine subscribers to sign up. This high value package will have them knocking down your doors!

  • share WEBTOOL WIZARDS FREE with your friends, customers, and most of all - with your prospects. They will appreciate the gift and you'll gain instant recognition, credibility, and customer loyalty.

  • include WEBTOOL WIZARDS in your own product packages or as a bonus to your other offers. The high perceived value ($40 to $60) of this package will make even the most skeptical visitor click that order button!

  • WEBTOOL WIZARDS is FREE to distribute in any manner you wish - as long as you give it away.

  • and all of your friends, customers, and prospects can also give away WEBTOOL WIZARDS to their friends, customers, and prospects!

WEBTOOL WIZARDS is not only a convenient collection of useful softwares, it's one of the most powerful promotional tools to come along in quite awhile - dont you agree?

Then you need to get WEBTOOL WIZARDS Right Now!

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