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Jeremy Young

Yet the cost of effective advertising is sky-high these days! It will definitely 'hold you back' when you're working with a limited advertising budget to begin with.

Well, what if you could get massive targeted exposure in a group of well read established eZines (I'm not talking about 'start-ups' with a few hundred subscribers) . . . and never spend a DIME on advertising?

Would you do it? Of course . . . who wouldn't!

And did you know there IS a great deal of RISK involved in placing 'paid' eZine advertising. SOME so-called 'experts' would have you believe you can simply place a gob of eZine ads . . . and the money just automatically rolls in.

I'm sorry. It's just NOT that easy!

Sure, eZine advertising is THE most powerful marketing method on the Net today. But there are also DOZENS of money-burning rip-offs, traps and pitfalls!

Do YOU know how to avoid them? Can you really AFFORD to risk your precious ad budget?

Of course not! But you NEED eZine ad exposure to SUCCEED . . . Right?

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What if you discovered a 'secret formula' that would EXPLODE the response to even your BEST ads by as much as 1200%, see your sales SKYROCKET, and KEEP most of the money you'd normally have to pay for advertising?

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  • Freshly Updated with even MORE researched and established eZines that accept both 'free' and 'paid' advertising. You'll find no fly-by-night 'publishers' in this guide.

  • Exactly Where and How to reach up to 1.5 MILLION targeted eZine readers each week without spending a DIME on advertising!

  • Our private 'Cream-Of-The-Crop' Directory of tested and PROVEN eZines that have given us SUPERIOR results from our own 'paid' advertising.

  • No more hours searching the Net to find the best eZines to advertise in. We've spent the past two-and-a-half years researching and testing. The hard work has been done for you. What you get is the BEST of our results.

  • Three of the Net's BEST ad writing tutorials . . . including a 'secret formula' that has been tested and proven to EXPLODE response to any ad by as much as 1200%. This tactic is how the 'Big Girls and Boys' get EXPLOSIVE response and make Big Bucks every time!

  • 836 Power-Packed 'Trigger' Words and Phrases that 'magically' make people think they MUST buy your product! Your sales increase just from using these 'triggers' can MORE than pay for your investment in eZine Ad Solutions 2002.

  • You get totally FREE online ad tracking. You'll know EXACTLY which ads are getting the best results!

  • Simple Methods to tell a REAL eZine from a SCAM-ZINE! NEVER Risk your precious ad budget again!

  • How To Test the Pulling Power of ANY offer for FREE BEFORE you fork over the money for 'paid' advertising insertions! Totally ELIMINATE money-losing campaigns FOREVER!

  • ONE Simple NO COST Thing To Change in Your Ads That Will Increase Response by 100% or MORE!

  • More than 30 Ways to put YOUR ADS in the Top 5% that really BRING HOME THE MONEY!

  • How To See PROFITS in 24-36 Hours with Exclusive Solo Ads!

  • How To AVOID the One Common Mistake that is GUARANTEED to KILL 80% of Your Solo Ad Response!

  • No 'monthly membership fee' as with some advertising 'programs.' This power-marketing ePackage is YOURS forever for a low one-time investment!

  • Updates are automatic about every4-6 weeks! Just open the advertising directories inside your copy of eZine Ad Solutions 2003 to find new advertising resources on a regular basis. No need for you to hassle with getting a whole new copy of the guide.

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Robert Puddy
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Hello Dan,

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Pamela Heywood

It's a known fact that eZine advertising is the most direct and powerful marketing method on the Internet today.

But until now, the 'little girl or guy' working with a limited advertising budget has had a hard time getting effective exposure. Even more trouble getting profitable response without getting ripped-off by some unscrupulous ad-sheet 'publisher.'

But you now have all the 'Solutions' practically at your fingertips!

Your eZine Ad Solutions 2003 will totally solve the problem of safely getting massive High-Quality ad exposure on a limited budget, while dealing with honest and well established eZine publishers .

Response to your good offer could be staggering!

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Nope, we're not finished yet! Please read on . . .

eZine Ad Solutions 2003 also contains three more integral parts to BLAST the success of your eZine ad campaigns.

But don't mistake these eBooks as meaningless add-ons or so-called 'bonuses' just to get you all starry-eyed so you'll buy something. These eBooks were each carefully chosen because they perfectly compliment the function of this ePackage . . . to help you promote your business effectively and make money on the Internet!

Here's what else you'll get . . .

Your copy of 'Magic Letters - How To Write So People Buy Now.'

You'll learn the 'psychology' behind successful ad writing and the emotional 'triggers' that make people feel that they MUST buy your product!

Your copy of 'Killer Ads - Increase Sales By 1200%.'

You will learn to use the same 'formulas' used by the 'Big Girls and Boys' to produce attention grabbing ads that get response every time. There is already an ocean of lame advertising on the Net. Make YOURS stand above all the rest!

Your copy of 'Make eZine Advertising PAY.'

You'll learn which types of ads make the most money, how to track your ad response for increased profits.

But that still isn't all! You'll also receive . . .

  • Our private 'Cream-Of-The-Crop List' of the hardest-hitting order-pullingest eZines for placing high profile paid ads.

  • A directory of 836 Power-Packed Words and Phrases that magically trigger people to BUY NOW!

  • 12 All-Time Best 'Fill-In-The-Blanks' Formulas for creating DYNAMITE headlines that will get YOUR ads noticed!

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Now, several pricing experts have advised me to offer eZine Ad Solutions 2003 for as much as $49.97 US Dollars. But I personally think that there is already too much outright GREED on the Internet. And I just don't do business that way, period.

Instead, I've made it more afforable. Your one-time investment is . . .

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I guarantee that eZine Ad Solutions 2002 will increase your ad response and your sales by at least 300% or you will get a quick no hassle 100% refund.

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Well, there it is. I just can't make eZine Ad Solutions 2003 any better!

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  • Power-Packed headlines that FORCE people to read your ad?

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  • Massive exposure without spending a DIME?

  • 'Cream-Of-The-Crops' eZines for your 'paid' advertisements?

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