Looking For An Online Business You Won't Be Ashamed To Show Your Grandmother?

(69% of the products we reviewed for this website system did not make the cut!)

Want To Keep ALL THE MONEY From Each Sale You Make?

(It's a LOT better than working your tail off for lousy "commissions.")

* 20+ Screened For Quality Products - NO JUNK!
* YOU Keep ALL THE MONEY From Each Sale!
* NEW Products Frequently at No Further Cost!
* Flexible Fully Editable Homepage and Website!
* Built-In Affiliate Profit Streams!
* Opt-In List Building System and Autoresponder!
* HOT Pre-Written Autoresponder Messages!
* FREE Customized Domain Name Graphics!
* Down-to-Earth Advice on Marketing That WORKS!
* 12-Volume eMarketing Training Library!

From the computer desk of

Jim R. Legington - Webmaster
Money Makers Upperroom.com

Re: COMPLETE Online Profit Website System

Right now, I'm asking you to please stick with me, for a couple of minutes at least. Then you can decide whether to read more about this one-of-a-kind opportunity, or to close this page and continue your search.

I think you'll soon see with your own eyes that the website profit system we're offering here is something totally different from anything you've seen before.

And we built MAXIMUM REVENEW to do precisely three things for you . . .

  • Provide HIGH QUALITY products you won't be ashamed to promote.

  • Supply the marketing tools and website you'll need to sell them.

  • Teach you HOW to sell ANY PRODUCT on the Internet.

Yeah I know . . . it seems to you that every online marketer and his Aunt Maggie is offering you some sort of "Instant eBook Business" package.

And you've probably seen a bunch of them. Some of them are pretty good . . . but many others are nothing but piles of junk ebooks that nobody wants anyway! Anyone with a sharp eye and a bit of experience can tell the difference.

69% of the products we reviewed did not make the cut for MAXIMUM REVENEW.

Then there are the ebook "membership" sites . . .

They're great - but you have to pay through the nose every month to get new products. And you'll STILL need a website to sell those products from! Here are several reasons why MAXIMUM REVENEW beats the membership sites hands down . . .

  • No monthly "membership" fees.
  • New screened for quality products added regularly at no extra charge.
  • Flexible and fully editable homepage and website.
  • Custom built webpage header and background graphics.
  • Ready-To-Go Opt-In List Building System.
  • 12-Volume eMarketing Training Library.

    You Can Get a Big Pile of Ebooks ANYWHERE for About $47!

    But what kind of TOOLS will you get to actually SELL them with?

    Will you get this?

    Your Own Fully CUSTOMIZABLE Homepage

    Or this?

    Custom Built Website Banner & Background Graphic

    How about this?

    12-Volume eMarketing Training Library

    And this?

    Built In Opt-In List Generating System

    And this?

    Your Own Autoresponder Software

    And this?

    A HOT Pre-Written Autoresponder Series That

    And this?

    NEW Product Updates At NO Added Cost

    No - we didn't think so.

    There is no other ebook business system ANYWHERE that offers you a complete screened for quality products package PLUS ALL THE TOOLS you'll need to sell them!

    Only MAXIMUM REVENEW Has Everything You'll Need!

    Okay . . . What Will You Be Selling?

    We screened literally hundreds of ebooks, softwares, and product packages for inclusion in MAXIMUM REVENEW.

    And guess what . . .

    69% of the products we reviewed simply did not make the cut!

    We're stressing quality . . . not quantity. Sheer numbers of softwares and huge piles of ebooks don't necessarily equal a profitable opportunity for you . . . or even a good value at whatever price.

    And Here Are The Products That DID Make The Cut . . .

    Well, I'm still not finished. I'm also including these additional gifts that will practically ensure your online business success. Note that PayLock Generator come with Resale Rights!
    "Rebrand Profits eBook", You can rebrand and Give it Away to Your Customers In a Package such as Maximum Revenew Website Package or from Your website.

    Special Gift #6

    Amazing Easy-To-Use Software Instantly Generates Secure PayPaL Buttons On The Fly... Right From Your DeskTop!

    Encrypt Your PayPal Buttons In A Single Click... Eliminating Digital Theft And Protecting Your Profits!

    No More Wasted Time Logging Into PayPaL Just To Create Or Edit Your Buy Buttons!

    This Software ALONE sells for $47 at other websites! Resale Rights Included.

    Special Gift #7

    • rebrand 16 of the links in the ebook and earn commission on every one of those links
    • 2 of the links earn you 80% commission!
    • 1 link earns you profits 5 levels deep
    • 1 link earns you $125 per commission
    • 1 link earns you another $88
    • 8 links offer residual commission (continuous)
    • 6 links promote 2-tier programs so you still profit when others choose to rebrand the ebook that you pass around

      Bonus added To Our Profits Suite Package

      " Rarely Taught & Rarely Used Techniques That Only The Most Innovative Minds Have Created to Help You Earn 1000% More Profits in Less Than Half The Work with Your Affiliate Programs and Resell Rights Products"
      Free Downlaod When You Purchase
      Our " Profit Suite Package"
      "Maximum Revenew Website Package

    "Brand New" (7) Additional Special Bonus Gifts You Won't Find Anywhere Else with This Package On The WeB,
    To Help You Declare "YES I Want It"  Please Click Here!

    Okay . . . Let's Get Serious.

    Ask yourself these questions . . . .

    1. - Do you really want to be in business for yourself, or will you be satisfied working from now on to make someone else rich?

    2. - Are you willing to make a commitment to actually work for your own business and financial success?

    Then here is another fact for you. The only way to do this is for you to become . . . .


    And being the Prime Source means this . . . .

    • YOU will own and control each of your products.

    • YOU will be working for your own success, not someone else.

    • YOU will market your products however you wish, as long as it is legal.

    • YOU will be in control of each sale.

    • YOU will keep Each Penny from Each Sale you make.

    And when you control Your Own Business, you also control . . .


    But, my own integrity demands that I say this . . .

    You've probably never (before now) seen statements like these on any website.

    MAXIMUM REVENEW is not a "magic bullet."

    It is not one of those "get rich while sitting on your butt doing nothing" programs.

    If you believe that financial success can be achieved without at least some work and commitment on your part, I suggest you close this page right now, and focus your efforts
     on buying lottery tickets.

    I'm not trying to be rude or hateful. Only truthful. I want you to know exactly what to expect if you choose to accept this offer. And I don't need your money badly enough to be anything other than totally honest and upfront with you.

    However, if you're serious about your own financial success, then online ebook sales is one of the few business endeavours today that will allow you to . . . .

    1. - start with a relatively small investment.

    2. - work, learn and grow your business at your own pace.

    3. - have an immediate opportunity to earn an extremely high profit margin.

    4. - leverage it all into a consistent full-time income.

    With MAXIMUM REVENEW You'll Have . . .

    1. - quality products that offer real value for your customers.

    2. - a professional website with which to sell those products.

    3. - business building tools and resources you will need anyway.

    4. - periodic new product releases at NO additional cost to you.

    Okay, I'm not going to boggle you with dozens of boring "testimonials" about the value of MAXIMUM REVENEW. I think you're intelligent enough to see that for yourself, without needing a bunch of total strangers to point it out for you.

    But I do want you to see what a couple of other successful and highly respected eMarketers have to say about MAXIMUM REVENEW.

    Of all the ebook packages that are being sold on line, your 'Maximum Revenew' is definitely one of the most complete I've seen, delivering top value. You also offer great support, and give your customers clear instructions on how they can set up and start their own online ebook business.

    That's why I recommend your product to my subscribers. Thanks for doing a terrific job, and for making their own ebook business easy and profitable for many.


    Dirk Dupon,

    This is Fantastic!

    You've gone 'above and beyond' the call to provide REAL substantial material for 'would be' ebook business owners. As an ezine publisher and ebook biz owner myself . . . I love the automatic opt-in list feature you have so generously included.

    MAXIMUM REVENEW is a 'Sure Fire' winner!

    Kimberly Inman

    Okay . . . so I goofed!

    MAXIMUM REVENEW is huge.

    But there is just no other way to provide you with a really complete profit system.

    So you're feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point, let me put your mind to rest.

    I've gone the extra mile to make MAXIMUM REVENEW easy to use and easy to understand. You can and will be able to make use of all these resources and products, at your own pace.

    First of all, to simplify the downloading process, all the individual download links have been compiled into a single 'Master eBook' that will download quickly, in just a couple of minutes time even on a slow server.

    This will give you a permanent file that you can work through whenever you feel like it. There is absolutely no pressure and no need to hurry. You can work at your own pace, as your schedule permits.

    You'll also get valuable guidance and down-to-earth advice to secure the best
    web-hosting, online payment processing, and autoresponder services.

    Now Take a Look at My No-Nonsense Guarantee . . . .

    No-Nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee of Your Satisfaction First of all I want you to realize that you will not risk a single penny. We don't get refund requests very often, but when we do, they are always processed immediately.

    Next, I want you to take up to 90 Days to test and try out this system. If for any reason you decide you're not absolutely happy with MAXIMUM REVENEW you will get a quick no hassle 100% refund.

    I'm saying that if you're not 100% totally satisfied, I will not keep your money. That's not a promise . . . it's a FACT!

    Here's one more look at the system . . .

    • 20+ screened for quality eProducts

    • Your own customized homepage and website

    • FREE Custom Built Homepage Banner and Background Graphic

    • Powerful Opt-In List Generating System

    • Your Own Fully Functioned Autoresponder Software

    • HOT Pre-Written Autoresponder Series That SELLS YOUR PRODUCTS

    • Regular New Product Updates - NO Added Charges or "Membership" Fees

    • Huge 12-Volume eMarketing Training Library

    Okay, let's wind this up . . .

    When was the last time you saw an ebusiness system as complete as MAXIMUM REVENEW. We've taken this system the extra mile to provide you with every benefit and business building option you could possibly need.

    Your investment is fully protected by our 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee. We've been in business at this site for quite awhile. There is no way that we are going to take your money and run.

    And MAXIMUM REVENEW will only get better as we research and add new high-quality high-profit products, and continue to develop new features and benefits for you to use.

    After all, it's your success we've been talking about!

    Jim R. Legington - Webmaster
    Money Makers Upperroom.com

    Phone 1-832-539-1208 Office

    $97.00 US - Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

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