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From: Anthony Stillwell

Dear Friend,

I'm so mad right now I could throw my computer out the window!

I'm tired of watching good people like you not make the kind of money you deserve because of competitors who are purposely trying to destroy your business. I want to show you how to limit the number of people who "steal" profits out of your pockets.

What I'm about to share with you will no doubt make more than a few people angry, but I just don't care. You need to hear this!

Your Competitors Are Ripping You Off!

What you do about this will determine whether or not your business will be here next year. It's easy to start a business on the Internet. Too easy. The problem is that most people jump in with absolutely no idea of what they're doing and have absolutely no concept of what it takes to make money in any business let alone an Internet business.

You see, the people who really make money online have some background in Direct Mail. They understand the nature of competition and how to effectively CRUSH it. All your competitors can think to do in a crowded marketplace is lower their prices. They end up "stealing" money you could have made because they don't know how to apply the proven techniques in this manual.

I'll let you in on the "greatest marketing secret" in the world and no, it's not magic and yes, anyone can use it to grow their business.

Think INSIDE the Box!

The people who you think of as the most successful entrepreneurs don't use revolutionary, "outside the box" marketing tactics that are beyond your reach. They take proven direct marketing techniques and apply them directly to the Internet. Sure the Internet is still a relatively new marketing medium, but marketing is marketing no matter where you do it.

There are no complicated "secret" formulas to follow. Business is pretty straightforward and easy if you know how to E L I M I N A T E the competition.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that if something sounds too easy or too simple then it can't be worth doing. That may be the reason why your business isn't where you want it to be. I lost years of my precious time searching for elusive "secret formulas" that led to nothing but frustration and missed opportunities.

If you're not satisfied with your Internet business then chances are that you've never used the information inside "The Most DANGEROUS Marketing Secret" manual.

You'll quickly discover...

How I turned a simple low-cost product (that dozens of other people were selling) into something that generates non-stop sales, generates tons of targeted leads and promotes my main products all on full autopilot in less than a day. Pay attention because you'll see how you can "model" exactly what I did!
Discover the ONE question you need to answer when you're selling a product that basically everyone else is selling. This answer to this ONE question alone will allow you to decide how much money you make. Having a "me too" mindset costs you sales every single day. Don't you think you deserve to make more money?
Exactly how to apply "The Most DANGEROUS Marketing Secret" to your Internet business. You'll see how you can take a "common" product, sell it for twice as much as the competition and still make sales! In fact, you'll probably make even more sales than your competitors who are selling dirt cheap! Once you understand this... you'll never have to compete by lowering your prices again!
How to p*** off the competition in one easy step. When you make your competitors angry... You know you're on the right track. ;-) Some people will always get upset when you do the one thing they won't do. Get an immediate advantage no matter what you sell! You've heard this before, but it's just as true now as it always was.
See *live* examples of sites using "The Secret" right this second to make their businesses seem superior to anyone trying to compete with them. You can easily apply what you see being successfully done by others to your own business starting today!

And much more...

Get inside the mind of someone who knows how to hurdle the so-called competition. The funny thing is... none of what I'll show you is complicated. It's all a simple process that most people just won't take the time to do.

Simple makes money. Complicated steals
your time and just leaves you frustrated!

That's why I created this manual. In it I'll show you a few simple steps you can use right now to shield yourself from competitors who are constantly striving to strip you of every single penny of profits you try to earn. I don't know about you, but I'm on the Internet to make money. I don't have any time or patience to deal with all the never gonna be successful, wanna be entrepreneurs who think that if they just lower their prices they can sell to millions of people and get insanely rich.

This philosophy costs you and me sales. Nothing ticks me off more than someone stealing from me by undercutting me no less, but that's just what competitors who practically give everything away do. Luckily, most of them won't be able to keep up with you once you understand the message in this report.

Here's the key...

Most people wanting to run an online business either don't know about or are simply too lazy to follow what I'll show you. Repeat after me... "Lazy Competitors Are My Friends". "Lazy" competitors can put more money in your pockets than you realize. They simply won't do anything with the techniques I'm about to share with you.

High-quality information like this could easily be sold for $37 and be worth every single penny. Normally I would charge for information like this but to me... It's more important that you get this manual into your hands as quickly as possible and start putting more profits in your pockets.

So, as part of a "crazy" marketing test you can download it FREE!You're probably thinking that I'm out of my mind for doing this and maybe you're right. It's just that I can't stand to see people try so hard to create a profitable business only to fall short.

Download "The Most DANGEROUS
Marketing Secret" Immediately!

Hurry and download it now before I change my mind.

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You can literally waste months or even years searching on your own for the very same information I'm handing you today. Why bother? The sad thing is that no matter how great this offer is and no matter how tempting I make it... Some people still won't take the time to download a free manual that could actually help their business.

You're smarter than that and you know it.

I honestly believe that if you take the time to read this manual, your business will be better for it. You don't have to keep struggling to make a profit. You don't have to curse every time you see someone selling a product just like yours for half price. And best of all... You don't have to lower your prices just to compete. Keep your business profitable.

To Your Success,
Jim R. Legington
Money Makers Upper Room.Com

Anthony Stillwell

PS: When you download a FREE copy of "The Most DANGEROUS Marketing Secret" today I'll show you how to take this very webpage and turn it into your own personal salesman that works for your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don't want to miss an opportunity like this!