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Do You Know How To Experience Real Internet
Marketing Leverage?

Copyright 2006 by Jim R. Legington

Did you know that... certain Master Resale Rights Products
or Solutions can be a Great Foundation to the Leverage You
need to Experience In Internet Marketing.

Uncover the Principle of Leverage as the Key You need for
Freedom, everyone that has more than enough understands the
truth. Here Are Secrets Revealed Using Master Resale Rights.

First Good Reason to Use Master Resale Rights is Learning to
 Leverage the Internet Marketing Community.

You need to know the Basics of How the Internet works using
a web page. Failure to understand this point will leave You
totally dependent on the honesty of others. You need this
understanding even if You become a major user of the Real
Outsourcing that's available to Your Business.

Did You Know every folder You create on You Domain Server,
You need to place an Index File in that folder for security?
Otherwise, everything in that folder is exposed.

Hands on Experience is what You need in the true sense of
the word here. I'm a living witness that You can Master
enough about HTML code with a few Basics. What You learn
just looking at the "Source Code" of a web page of Your
Master Resale Products is invaluable. You will master much
just working with each web page.

When we first started we had no knowledge, just simple
facts like: <B> and then </B>, meaning Bold the text and the
end of Bold text. All of this is better Illustrated in a Basic
Master Resale Rights Package. This makes for a good case
study in the How To Videos made available to Illustrate:

Master Resale Rights will teach You first hand the value
of a Highly Responsive Presell Email. Mostly this is the
First Base even when we have an excellent Blog in the Mix
or a Direct to DeskTop Method used in our Business. That's
another topic we've found very effective in detail here:

Matters not what we market we must Master the Presell of our
Product or Solution mostly using email online. Knowing this
Secret and Mastering How To Apply Related Bonuses with all
we Market to our Customers/Clients spells Financial Freedom.

Notice that Marketing is the Key, learn to be more than a
peddler of this product and that product just because of the
commissions You think that will be received if You by chance
are lucky to have any success.

There is a method to this madness and it's called Marketing
in Your Business and You must have a plan. Here is one of
the Best known to the Internet Marketing Community when You
need to Master Writing the Presell Email, Highly Suggested:

I'm sure You have noticed everything we do in Marketing is
to Build on that Central Theme started back in December
2001 of Time Saving and Money Making Home-Based Business
. Our Flagship Idea was to evolve in the Internet
Marketing Community
Using Master Resale Rights as our
Training Ground.

Even though about $100,000 a year is a Good Goal to Target,
You always must realized that Leverage is still the Key
that will bring You more than enough. Everyone that plans to
earn $5,000,000 profits from Your endeavors of Marketing Online
in say a Seven Year period, let me suggest these Basics are
really, really necessary. You need to understand the Basics
matter, not that there aren't opinions of the other thinking.

Think about it, recently most have come to know that You
are very limited without a community of likeminded people in
Internet Marketing these days. Moving to the Next Level is
the song of Leverage, tune that mostly the Rich and Famous
have been able to sing. Have You been Lied to for Years?
They didn't teach these ideas in High School and most of
our Schools period. Here is Your WARNING and WAKE UP CALL.

A Storm Is Coming are You Ready? List Building and Affiliate
Marketing are Leverage Points that are The Real Deal. You
Know it's true if You noticed Your inbox lately and You can
Demand that You receive some "How To Information" Without It
Costing You and I an Arm and Leg plus Your First Born -:)

What will You Master as Your Point of Leverage?

Build Leverage In Your Follow-Up System Using Master Resale
a Catalyst In Marketing Mastery Online. From here You
can create Your own Products and even Improve on Private
Label Rights
should You Choose. Improve on the Idea and You
make it Your very own. Know the Basics and a LifeStyle of
Financial Freedom and Abundance will reign in Life. Think!

Every since I started out Online with Our First Domain in
December 2001 being a Christian Business Online has been
and always will be most important to me as a person.

Because I'm sure that teaching 5,000,000 persons what I know
is this: Grace and Truth were realized in Jesus Christ.
This is our Ultimate Goal and everything else we practice is
in support of this idea, I believe and take my stand in the
Idea of "Together We Stand". John 1:1-18, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

This remains Our Thought O The Week!

"In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not
be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our
thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness
and hatred.

We must forever conduct our struggle on the high
plane of dignity and discipline." --Martin Luther King Jr.

Do you know only true leaders step out front?"

John F. Kennedy, echoing Theodore Roosevelt, stated the
idea more eloquently when he said:

"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the
arena,whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who
knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends
himself in a worthy cause; who at best, if he wins, knows
the thrills of high achievement, and, if he fails, at least
fails daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with
those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

Living your life on your terms means stepping out on a
regular basis. You have a song in your heart. Will you step
out from the crowd and sing that song? Will you risk
appearing the fool to live your dreams?

It may seem frightening and lonely to step out front. It
is, but only for a short time. The comfort of conformity soon
pales in comparison to the power, passion and excitement
that comes with any bold, new, purposeful action.

You'll soon find others who've stepped out front with you.
They're people like you who've grown weary of living a
mediocre existence.

They - like you - will have heeded the whisper of God
within, which quietly says "It's your life. Make it great."

Step out front this week. It doesn't have to be a big step.
Maybe you've been thinking about starting your own home-
based business. Perhaps you have an idea for your own
newsletter. Maybe there's a class you've been wanting to
take. Whatever it is, take your first step this week.

If you're not sure what that first step is for you, shoot
me a message and we'll come up with it together.

Step out and have a great week!

This is the System we Highly Recommend to Master the Basics
as I did Online and You can handle putting most any Product
or Solution on the Market whether You created it, a Private
Label Product You Improved On or even if You plan to become
one to OutSource most parts of every project. The Real Deal!

You can never skip the Basics, it's a neccessary Learning
Curve none can avoid that will exceed over $100,000 yearly
Internet Marketing Income. Because I know it works so well
I suggest You Invest and Begin to Catapult Your Mastery of
Marketing Online Starting Today. Because I can help You use
this system In a Lifestyle of Freedom even using the Best
Online Super Affiliate Marketing Project to date in my
Humble Opinion. What do You Think?

Is It Really the most powerful affiliate weapon on the web?

Benefits of knowing the Basics will catapult Your Business
to Greater Results, You can't avoid the Learning Curve no
matter How You Try. It's Neccessary and the sooner we Discover
the truth it's better. Leverage is a by product of Your own
Thinking, "Help Enough Other People Get What They Want, and
You Can Have Anything You Want" Zig Zigler. Are You Ready
for the Coming Storm? Marketing Online Is Better In a Positive
Community "Together We Stand Blessed".

2006 Jim R. Legington - All Rights Reserved
You have permission to use and distribute this Article in Your
Ezine/Newsletter, Website, Blog, eBook, Reports, as long as You
Do Not Alter Any of it's Content and Our Resource Box just below,
Must Remain Attached with this Article. Thank You So Much!


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E-mail Address:

Your Privacy is 100% Protected and Respected, We hate Spam as much as You do, Your
Private Information You shared with me will never be Sold, Rented or Traded Period.
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